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Making the most of daylight

Low emissivity (Low e) insulating glass comes standard on most windows, doors and skylights available in the market today.  These coatings allow varied degrees of visible light depending on which low e is used, while reducing the transfer of heat (infrared radiation) and UV (ultraviolet radiation).

High performance low e glass can be specified to provide extra protection from heat gain and glare.  We have samples of the most common low e coatings available for your inspection in our showroom.  In addition we have architectural samples for review.

Safety, Sound Control & Privacy

Customize your doors and windows by selecting from our window glass options.  You can choose from combinations of insulating glass, low e coatings, safety glass, laminated glass, textured glass, decorative obscure glass or decorative resin panels.  We even have working samples of privacy glass that switches from clear to translucent with the touch of a switch.